Girl Power

After a long hiatus, our all female sketch group, Random Tandem, got back together for another fun day of shooting comedy and silly fun (sketch coming soon!). It's so uplifting and inspiring to work with great and talented females who all share the same dream. We write, direct, and shoot all of our sketches. This industry is tough, and it's important (and a grateful blessing) to have a strong support system of colleagues who I'm also proud to call friends.  


While relaxing after the shoot, one of my best friends and favorite photographers, Sasha Sheldon, and I, decided to keep the day going and do what we do best...spontaneously shoot some stills in natural light, using a couple of bralettes from True and Co. and my new jeans from Blank NYC. 

2016-06-05 07.50.08 4.jpg
2016-05-28 10.22.46 1.jpg

I love how versatile yet comfortable the bras are! I find myself wearing them at home with a pair of jeans and a loose tee, or if I'm feeling daring, out in public with a jacket or sheer overshirt...although I'm sure I can only get away with this in LA (and maybe Miami). ;)

2016-05-24 02.13.57 1.jpg
2016-05-21 10.19.18 1.jpg

I'm also obsessed with my new jeans from Blank NYC. They fit like a glove in all the right places. You can dress them up with a cute pair of heels and a blouse, or dress them down like I did here in some sneakers and a cute top (or bra!). I mean it's summer...sometimes less is more!

2016-05-24 02.14.32 1.jpg

Ivory Bralette: True & Co. Seaside Longline Unlined

True & Co. and Blank NYC Photos: Sasha Sheldon

Behind the Scenes Photos: Shot by Yours Truly